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ABOUT atelier kafuné

 ka (ka-o-ri) ... arom​a                fu (fu-mi) ... flavor                 ​ né (ne-i-ro) ... sonic palette

This cooking class was started in the hope that all participants will be able to enjoy a sense of season through the lessons.

It is also a kind of cooking salon which develops small classes with a detailed curriculum based on the motto of providing more joy of learning through cooking, and the pleasure of savoring delicious food.

We look forward to enjoying happy times around the cooking table together, introducing you to japanese traditional crafts, artist's dishes and cooking devices. 



Hanae Kaede

Founder of the cooking studio atelier kafuné

Born in Fukagawa, Tokyo.

Graduate from Aoyama Gakuin University, Bachelor of French Literature.


After experience as the editorial designer at Figaro Japon, I decided to start my career in cuisine.

I went to France to learn how to make confectionary at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and French cuisine at Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise. Then I received the CAP Cuisine certificate (french certificat d'aptitude professionnelle ) there.

After five-years’ experience working at several star rated restaurants ​in Paris such as Astrans, Arpege, Le Meurice, Le Bristol and training at the world-famous butcher Hugo Desnoyer, I came back to Japan.

The different food experience in Paris made me think of my roots; `traditional Japanese food’.

After I got back to Japan, I entered Tsuji Cooking Laboratory, to finish a specialized course in Japanese Food and worked at Japanese authentique restaurant.


My Work:

I worked as a teacher at the cooking school, as caterer for parties and receptions, as a researcher for food program , at the same time as developing recipes and products for clients.

I opened the cooking studio ‘Atelier Kafuné’ in Monzen-nakacho, Tokyo in 2020.



CAP Cuisine (french certificat d'aptitude professionnelle)

SSI Certificated  Japanese Sake Sommelier

Diploma of Tea Ceremony Instructor

PUBLISHING Cooking book

Japanse Home Cooking
La Cuisine Du Japon

『La Cuisine Du Japon』


『Japanse Home Cooking』

(米・Firefly Books社)

『La Cuisine Du Japon』

(仏・Editions First社)

PRIVATE COOKING CLASS(authentic japanese)

All the courses are taught in English or French.

The cooking class includes instructor demonstrations and practical lessons. 

You can learn various recipes, professional skills, tips and serving techniques and use them in your home cooking repertory.

Classes are small and come with a detailed curriculum in which everyone can participate, regardless of his or her individual level.

All participants can enjoy tasting events after cooking lessons in a relaxed atmosphere without having to clean up.! 


​-3 hours of easy to understand participatory lesson full of professional cooking tips.
- Recipe printouts in English will be provided,

- Class with Interpreter


-We will hold a cooking class provided there are at least 4 participants.

(if less than 4, please contact)

​-Price 22,000JPY/person (tax included)


-Please fill in the contact details form. Be sure to include all your contact details so we can reach you.
If you do not get a reply within 3 days, it means we did not receive your email or you did not receive my reply.

In that case, please send it to us again.


 Menu example:
-menu Basic
・how to make Dashi 
・how to cook japanese rice on the stove
・green beans with sesame sauce
・eggplant with sweet miso
・savory steamed egg custard
・yuan style grilled fish
・seasoned rice in a clay pot
​・sweets and matcha

-menu Chirashi-zushi 
・how to make Dashi
・how to cook japanese rice for sushi
・how to use sashimi knife 

・scattered sushi
・marinated deep-fried horse mackerel
・savory steamed egg custard
・clear soup  
sweets and matcha

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